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Terms and Conditions:




Prices agreed with Summer House Films are binding for the project - any further changes to a video project that is already underway will incur the relevant production costs and will be added to the final invoice of the client. 

Any further costs regarding the hire of actors/models/extras/props/locations etc will be charged to the client. A 20% hire commission fee will be included with the charge if hire service arranged by Summer House Films.


Travel expenses will be added to the agreed rate with the client (if applicable).

Deposit and Cancellations

A deposit of 20% of the agreed project rate will be required to secure your booking. Deposits are refundable if the project is cancelled over 7 days before the day of the shoot. Any cancellations made within this 7 day time period will result in the deposit being kept. 

Completed Video Projects

Upon video project completion the client will be provided with 2 editing revisions per video project only (if required by client). Revisions to an edit will of course mean a delay to the video projects completion and it is advised to be realistic with any changes you may want made. The editing process does take time and it will mean having to change possibly complex audio and visual arrangements already made for the original cut. It is not permitted to change the chosen music of the edit as this is an integral part of the editing process (if applicable to video project). It is not permitted to completely restart the project as an editing revision.

The end video project will not be released to the client until the full amount has been paid by the client. Payments can be made by bank transfer and cash at shoot only. 

For review purposes videos will be sent to the client by an unlisted YouTube link with a watermark set across the footage. 

Payment amounts cannot be withheld in the case of an artistic disagreement on the final cut of the video project.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to pay all amounts owing as agreed and to not “pass on” any owing amounts to a separate entity such as friends, family, acquaintances, companies, and tradesmen outside of or even part of the agreed video project. 

​Use of Project for Showreel

​The client gives Summer House Films the right to use their video project as part of their presentable portfolio showreel. 

Unused Project Footage


The client will receive the completed film project only – no unused or RAW footage will be sent to the client for blooper reels etc.

Summer House Films Cannot Be Held Responsible For:


​Quality of video uploads/images on streaming platforms and websites with low bit rates that compress files and greatly reduce quality of footage. 

​On Set Damages

​On set damages not caused by Summer House Films or any crew. This includes fire, water spillages, electrical shocks or electrical issues that cause damage to property, destruction of property from graffiti or deliberate acts of vandalism or damage to vehicles.


Actors/ Extras/ Models

​If actors/ extras/ models are used on set in a video project Summer House Films will not be held responsible for any criminal actions carried out by the actor/ extra on set such as theft, damage to property, intoxication to the state of paralysis through drinking alcohol or overdose through the use of illegal or legal drugs, verbal, mental, physical, racist, homophobic or sexual abuse or threatening and intimidating behaviour towards other members of the production not associated with Summer House Films or the general public. Summer House Films will of course do everything in their power to ensure that this does not happen. The agency that the actor/ extra/ model is hired from will be immediately informed and if necessary, the Police also. 

                                  Confirmation of Project with Summer House Films makes these terms binding for the client.

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